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one who is obsessed with doo-doo. This person will stop at no cost to make sure that in each and every chance he/she gets they mention the word doo-doo. Doo-Doo Monsters are avid collectors of doo-doo and can travel lands far and near in search of the the "sacred" Holy Ground of Mt. Doo-Doo which is located off the coast in the Land of Doo.
Hey Jimmy! Quick! Flush the toilet before you attract the Doo-Doo Monster. We don't want him to cover you in filthy doo-doo! Muahahhaah
by Joe Dembeck February 21, 2008
when some one is constantly calling others a doo doo mama or daddy when in reality they are the king or queen of doo doo
aj: hey clarence look at that doo doo mama over there
clarence: dude that girl is fine
aj: whatever ay what bout him he a doo doo daddy
clarence:nigga shut up with yo doo doo monster ass
by staceysteez August 30, 2009
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