The face one makes when they hear a really funky song or a really funky beat/bass line. The reason for the use of the word doodoo is that it's a face similar to when you smell doodoo (feces), and also is related to how "dirty" the song/beat/bass line sounds.

This is the term as defined by the band Wallpaper and is the meaning behind the title of their song and album by the same name.
Watch out, that Parliament song will give you some serious doodoo face.
by brainiac86 April 28, 2011
Top Definition
1. A person who constantly makes terrible mistakes or choices which lead to faliure.

2. A person who smears shit all over their own face and then kisses their girlfriend or boyfriend while they are sleeping.
Scott: Jamie man why did you do that? your such a doo doo face.

Elly: ewwwwww whats that on my face. Is it turd?
(turns around and looks at Jamie)
Jamie: Errr errr. Ok! it was me.
Elly: But what is it?
Jamie: Its.... its my poop.
Liam: HA HA! you totally got doo doo faced.
by Glynn Thomas April 04, 2008
Somethone that look extremely ugly and that doo dooes all the time.
Lil Kurt is a doo doo face, too.
by Weezer LY May 06, 2003
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