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The nickname primarily based on an act of randomness. Can be found in Canada and just so happens to be a genuine cool guy.
Friend: Hey Dony, your a cool guy
Dony: Thank you, Brother
by Brandon "Dony" E July 10, 2008
18 8
One who sniffs penis
Damn Martin is such a dony
by Alililili March 01, 2014
4 1
the marsupial brethren of the flying wombat. native to north chile.
'that dony is quite large'
by Charizard Thepokemon May 26, 2008
9 6
The ability to fly without wings.
Peter pan is quite dony.
by DemonWulf December 31, 2011
3 4
A knockoff of the popular electronics brand "Sony".
Bob thought he was buying a Sony, but he really bought a Dony, and it sucked major ass.
by skajehakljhdk July 09, 2005
2 23