A knockoff of the popular electronics brand "Sony".
Bob thought he was buying a Sony, but he really bought a Dony, and it sucked major ass.
by skajehakljhdk July 09, 2005
Top Definition
The nickname primarily based on an act of randomness. Can be found in Canada and just so happens to be a genuine cool guy.
Friend: Hey Dony, your a cool guy
Dony: Thank you, Brother
by Brandon "Dony" E July 10, 2008
the marsupial brethren of the flying wombat. native to north chile.
'that dony is quite large'
by Charizard Thepokemon May 26, 2008
One who sniffs penis
Damn Martin is such a dony
by Alililili March 01, 2014
The ability to fly without wings.
Peter pan is quite dony.
by DemonWulf December 31, 2011
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