The act of killing an opponent and proceeding to use the 'squat' feature to move up and down on the laying down body of the dead opponent. This resembles the act of moving the anus over a laying persons face.
You got owned! its time for a little donutting!
by __Psymon September 30, 2007
Top Definition
Donutting is the act in which a female punctions a whole through the center of the donut with her partner's shaft and slides the (preferably jelly or cream filled) donut down the penis. She then proceeds to bite the donut til it has been completely consumed. At this point, she licks the rest of the jelly/cream off of the penis.
When my girlfriend donutted me last friday, it felt sooo damn good!
by Sex Explorers November 13, 2003
to have sexual intercourse with a woman through a donut
"wow, i just got donutted by Rowan"
"oh no, i got icing on my dick from donutting henrietta"
"oh, steven gave me the sweetest donutting in my life"
by Will-94-MHS May 26, 2009
Filling her with your 'man jam'
I'm gonna give her such a good donutting!
Can I donut in you?
by Wrongun' November 09, 2015
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