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What recolor and other shit artists say when posting their ripoff "OCs" on Deviantart and YouTube. Translated to normal English as "Do not steal!"
*posts a bad recolor of Sonic*
ORIGINAL CHARACTER DONUT STEEL!!!!!!111111one11!!!eleven!!!
by 4edgy8u January 01, 2013
"Donut Steel" is a satiric misspelling of "Do not steal". It is used when someone simply recolors or edits a character with MSP and calls it his own original character.
*Recolors Foxy and uses MSP to paint his eyes black* DIS IS MY ORIGINAL CHARACTER FAXY PLS DONUT STEEL!!!!1
by DejitaruOokami October 19, 2015
1. Describes a poor looking artwork, usually maden by 13 y.o. DevantArt girls that thoroughly protects their character's copyrights.
2. Describes incorrect or strange looking artwork
3. Describes some uncommon, odd fetishes shown on the artwork.
Donut steel/10
by Riosha March 30, 2015
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