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The button all "editors" click on when editing every word they come across in an effort to keep the words they made up as popular as possible, preventing potentially better words from showing up.
"why didn't these faggots publish my word? Fuck these fools, I'll get back at everyone by becoming an editor and clicking Dont Publish for every word I see."
#dont publish #editor #popular #prevent
by fuckUDeditors May 17, 2010
The leading cause of carpal tunnel and/or repetitive strain injury in Urban Dictionary editors.
Guy1:Thats another Don't Publish!
Guy2:Yeah. Why are so many of these urban dictionary definitions people's names, badly misspelled, full of grammar errors and...OH GOD CARPAL TUNNEL
#don't publish #misspelled #bad grammar #names #get off urban dictionary
by Dr Wally November 24, 2010
There are amusing secrets surrounding the Don't Publish feature, but one must discover those secrets for themselves.
When I'm Editing on Urban Dictionary and I think your definition is stupid, judgmental, illiterate, prejudice, unoriginal, emo, and so on... I click Don't Publish.
#don't publish #freedom #choice #try and stop me #tell me to stop #kiss my...
by unstoppable! April 08, 2013
The button we click when a person submits an urban dictionary definition of his/her name as a way of telling his/her 2 homies that read urban dictionary how "awesome", "cool", or any other positive adjective s/he is.
We click Don't Publish to save you from the embarrassment of telling others how 'awesome' you think you are.
#urban dictionary #urbanoid #urbanetizens #blah
by catfight12 January 09, 2009
The fate of almost all definitions being posted on Urban Dictionary.

Is used by so-called editors who doesn't want a good definition to be published. Instead, he/she published his/her own lame & boring definition.
Mike: I just sent a definition about political term in Urban Dictionary, but got rejected
Don: Aww man, who the hell pressed the don't publish button?
Mike: Don't know.... probably some editors who published his own definition about pedobear
#don't publish #definition #editor #publish #dipshit
by chrno July 31, 2010
a word to waste an editors time
"dude, i just got a don't publish"

"no way man!"
#dont #publish #pub #do not #published
by necro4123 November 26, 2009
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