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1. N: (DAH-NEE DOOK-S) A Sort of Denim pelvic covering created from what was once a pair of Levi's,Wranglers,Lee or other brand of jeans that have been bastardized into a pair of obscenely short shorts, that should never be worn by any adult male, regardless of age. Donny Duke-wearing behavior is often exhibited by lower class middle age men.
Middle Age Drunk: Heyyy man look at these snazzy thangs!

Middle Age Worker: Uh, you really shouldn't wear those in public

Middle Age Drunk:Why?, They're comfy!

Middle Age Worker: That's because they are a foot and a half above your knee cap! You really need to take off Your Donny Dukes, pal.
by stank stank stank July 12, 2009
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