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1 -A martial arts actor from Hong Kong famous for legendary films such as "Iron Monkey," "Legend of the Wolf," "Ip Man," and "SPL: Killzone."

2 -Perhaps the best kicker of all time.

3 -The only man who could beat Chuck Norris and Bruce Lee, blindfolded.
Whoa, did you see Donnie Yen take on those 10 Japanese guys at once? That was sick!
by ForeignCinema July 12, 2009
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Bruce Lee's Reincarnation. One of the biggest bad-asses in the world with Chuck Norris and Jason Statham. Famous for his movies IP MAN, The Iron Monkey, Kill Zone, and his signature Flash Point. Learns a different Martial Art & does his own stunts in each of his movies. The only man who could out-kick Chuck Norris's Roundhouse Kick & cause injury.
Jesus Christ! Donnie Yen kicked him in the face hard enough to give him a 5 O'Clock Shadow
by Leon Hoffman December 10, 2010
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