a donnie darko is the avaola (the dark area around the nipples) or pubes of a woman seen through translucent clothing especially in a swimming pool, but this could also be seen somewhere else.
1)look at her donnie darkos!
by fortismere February 05, 2008
Another movie for the Psuedo-intellectual 13 year olds to orgasm over. It is not as good as everyone claims, and half the time the people who think it is some cinematic masterpiece don't even get it.
omgz Donnie darko is the kewlest movie ever, look at my new frank the bunny t shirt iam so original lollerz
by Badger March 07, 2005
An overrated movie. It's most often liked by people who think they're cool just because they like it.
Dickhead 1: Dude, Donnie Darko is such a tight movie! It's Patrick Swayze's best since "Point Break."
Dickhead 2: Yeah, and it's got a really sweet bunny in it too.
by kingdick April 22, 2005
A overated movie that creates the illusion its for smart people who think that just because it has a talking rabbit and time travel that it is complicated, its just another angsty teen movie thats shows how stupid this generation and their lack of ability to pay attention.
Guy 1 : I didn't like Donnie Darko, not a good film
Guy 2 : OMG u didn't like it becuz you did not understand it!
by Thomson July 28, 2004
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