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A dope underground Rapper that people stay sleeping on, guys got mad skills but doesn't have the fanbase to take full advantage of it.
"I been through the game you ain't never seen, Coke, Crack, Promethazine, any Narcotic that a Hooker fiend" - "Another Black Sunday" by Donnie Darko
by ReepsOne March 07, 2012
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Donnie Darko is an incredibly deep and multi-layered film about life, death, self sacrifice, and the nature of time and reality.

Yes it has a deep philosophical meaning, and it points at the superficiality of everyday society. Full of irony and dark humour, it has a lot of emotional depth and intelligence and in places is genuinely creepy.
At an even deeper level its about the psychic and about the experience of schizophrenia.

The real question is at the end, does Donnie make the right decision?, at one level he does not, at another he sacrifices himself to save his girlfriend and Frank - the rabbit - the boy, plus maybe his sister and mother.

Here's another question, why does Frank save Donnie in the first place? - saving Donnie starts the cycle that kills Frank, and then saves him again when Donnie sacrifices himself? Yeah Franks a seriously odd character.

In all not a film for the stupid or the shallow, but otherwise wonderful.
(Example - Donnie Darko) Can't think of one except the film itself, its easier to just go and watch the film. :D
by Quantum Power February 10, 2012
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Awesome movie about a teenage kid who receives apocalyptic news from a 6 foot demonic rabbit
Cellar Door
by Frank August 10, 2003
49 48
A very good movie, one of my favorites. Has to do with Donnie being plagued with vision of Frank the bunny. Frank the bunny is a ghost from the future? haha and he saved Donnie from being killed by a plane engine that hit his room. THen Frank tells him the world will end in 28 days and a bunch of precise minutes and hours. Theres alot of good shit in this movie about time travel, destiny, love, and just the shittyness of the world which anyone can relate to. Anyone who doesnt like this movie missed all the intelligence held within, its a puzzle. Even the fucking website is a puzzle.
why are you wearing that stupid man suit
by Brandon September 14, 2004
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A semi schizo movie that displays teh love of one teenage boy for a girl, and the undescribable feelings of pain and hurt when love leaves.
from another perspective, he's a hero who saves the world by going babk in time to fix all the problems that he forsees.
the best movie of the world that you can watch over and over and over and over and over and over and still not quite understand
Fear and Love
by FBMP April 20, 2004
50 51
The battle cry of the pseudo-intellectual.
IDIOT:"OMG I was watching Donnie Darko last night. It's soooo deep. I love the Bizarro Teen Angst."
ME: "Guess what, it's still got nothing on Evil Dead II."
by TAS April 04, 2005
95 107
a really good movie about a "borderline schitzophrenic" who see's a 6-foot demonic looking bunny rabbit named frank frank tells donnie the world will end and donnie is given a gift of super streghth,telekinesis,mind reading,and some other stuff.at the end he die in a jesus type of way in the tangent universe to save the real universe.great movie if you dont like it oh well there's other movies like pulp fiction and stuff
devoted fan:donnie darko is the best movie ever!
weirdo who hates donnie darko:no pulp fiction is the best
devoted fan:okay umm.. that came out awhile ago this is new so (slap)
by kite822 May 23, 2005
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