a Donnie is a dark term derived from the term Donnie Darko, which can explain the actions of an individual whilst under the influence of dark ones (recreational drugs)

Donnie can also describe a person who is hiding hidden agendas.
For example, if louie harbors hidden dark agendas for an evening, he would be doing a Donnie...

Dan. Hey joel u going to math class?
Joel. "No man, i'm pulling a Donnie, and going to plough Hillary" ...
by ket hed November 19, 2010
She tried to clean up afterwards, but her Donnie was broke.
by lap-banded February 03, 2010
to donnie someone is a term that refers to breaking someones lower fibula with extreme force and precision at a very inopportune time. it can also refer to an individual breaking his/her own lower fibula in the act of attempting to cause another individual severe physical and potentially mental anguish...often fatal.
"yo ow hes getting away...donnie that fucker"
"pay up or i'll donnie you"

"it's a sad sight to see a man donnie himself like that"

"get up you pussy!"
"it hurts! i can't walk!"
"don't be a little bitch!"
by Doomif February 12, 2009
A communist, or communist sympathizer.
"he hates capitalism and freedom. he is such a Donnie"
by blargh!!! March 25, 2010
Sloth, his alias is greasy garvis
Tall slender creature usually shoots dice with other gorgonites in the back alleys
Usually seen wearing black hoodie may be mistaken for town rapist his famous catch phrase is yeeeeah whenever someone says it you know donnie is near. You cannot look him in the eye or u will go blind.
"Oh shit whos the dude sittin in the corner playin yu gi oh"
"Oh thats Donnie"
" Dont look him in the eye or ull be blind"
by Eric Lohr March 19, 2009
A down low gay guy who has nothing to do better than talk down on others, while creating false life stories
If you know a Donnie perfect example.
by Unknown1234500 August 20, 2008
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