this is like the best fuckin' cult movie with Jake Gyllenhaal(Donnie Darko) and a demonic bunny rabbit named Frank
donnie darko- "ur such a fuck ass"
donnies sister-" u can go suck a fuck"
donnie darko- "tell me how one sucks a fuck"
donnies mother-"alright thats enuff"
donnies lil sister- "wats a fuck ass?"
**father laughs**

by Vt0wnDiana89 February 16, 2005
I saw Donnie Darko for the first time a few nights ago.
It’s really hard to explain the entire plot without giving everything away.
It’s basically about this troubled teen that is roused from a sleep one night and summoned outside of his house by this 6-foot tall rabbit named Frank, who tells him “28 days, 6 hours, 42 minutes and 12 seconds. That is when the world will end.” (This film takes place in October of 1988) Donnie later awakes on a golf course with “28:06:42:12” written on his arm. He then returns home, only to find that a Jet Engine of an unknown plane has smashed into his bedroom. Realizing his life was actually saved by Frank; who only Donnie can see; Donnie listens to Frank and puts together something of a puzzle to find out how to save the universe from collapsing before he runs out of time. But there’s also the part of the movie that allows the veiwer at the end to wonder if it all really happened or if it was just a figment of Donnie’s imagination since during the film he is visiting a Therapist who diagnosis him with Psychosis or “Daytime Hallucinations”. For a full summary of the plot, though it does involves Spoilers I suggest viewing Wikipedia’s page on Donnie Darko. Because it explains so much more than I have here.

I really enjoyed Donnie Darko and it's currently my favorite movie. I mean; I actually like it, and understand the plot and the messages conveyed in the film. I just read through all the definitions and it's depressing. I do actually consider it perhaps the best movie I've ever seen. I’d don’t know about best movie ever made. But certainly the best I’ve SEEN. And don't try and be like "Oh, that's probably because you’re hooked on shit like Date movie and have spent your entire life like a babbling moron." Because no. If I saw the movie and I thought it was just overrated I would say that no matter how many fans it had. But I considered it a really great piece of cinematography, I think it has amazing visuals and a great plot and was executed brilliantly. And no. I'm not some asshole who thinks I'm so deep, I'm just and average person and I happened to stumble upon Donnie Darko and thought it was simply wonderful and stunning. Donnie Darko a really relatable character and the subjects brought up in the film were great. It’s almost horrific. The people who are actually writing definitions JUST to say it’s overrated and some other movie is so much better.

How good a movie is depends on one’s personal opinion. You can't actually debate what the best movie ever made is; that’s like trying to debate the best hair color. I’m mean, I think it’s great no matter what and I if you happen to think it’s one of the best movies ever created, I say go ahead and think that it doesn’t make you a poser or a “dickhead”. I’d say, even though I’m a big fan of Donnie Darko now; if you haven’t seen the movie and are trying to decide whether to see it now, here are my thoughts: you shouldn’t listen to the obsessive cult fans or the sad,lame people who are trying so hard to shoot down Donnie Darko. Just stop for a second. Go rent the movie. Watch it one night. And decide for yourself. Because everyone has a different opinion. After reading these definitions it’s like if you’re a Donnie Darko fan and think it’s one of the Top five movies on your list or of all time, then your some poser with no life who just following it because it’s a cult phenomenon. And if your don’t like it your just not deep enough to get it. It’s really neither. Some people enjoy Donnie Darko. Some people don’t. I think if you do, that’s great. But you shouldn’t be going around saying how every other movie can’t compare, that’s just rude. And for the people that don’t, just let the new fans, and the old have their opinion, whether you think it’s overrated or not.

Personally I do love Donnie Darko and I wish I could like it without someone considering everything I say about it wrong. Yeah, I think it’s a deep movie. I probably think that because Alice in Wonderland is one of my favorite children’s stories, I used to be obsessed with it, Donnie Darko is a movie so much like Alice in Wonderland it’s amazing. It’s about a curious teen, and rabbit and a parallel universe involving a Time storm relating to the Rabbit hole Alice goes down and the world she comes into. Donnie Darko is like Alice in Wonderland for Adults and teens almost. This movie has so many interesting facts about it. Like the movie was actually shot in 28 days, the time Donnie has until the Tangent Universe collapses upon itself along with other things. I love Donnie Darko. Does that make me stupid? No. I know there are plenty of other great movies too. But for now. I’m going to say. Donnie Darko is my FAVORITE movie of all time. And anyone who has a problem with my opinion will just have to deal with it.
"She told me 'Every living creature on Earth dies alone.'"-Donnie Darko
How absurd =]
by That is so fucking fabulous. July 20, 2006
An amazing movie that people only hate and call "overrated" because they didn't understand the meaning behind it. Usually, these people are goth posers, nerds, and losers who don't know how to grow a brain. Watch the commentary, you dick wads.
"Donnie Darko is the best movie ever, you un-intelligent dick wads."
by ultimatekai October 28, 2006
A very fun and funny movie to watch. It appears to convey very meaningful themes but is not much deeper than any other movie out there. It's worth watching the first time for the humor and worth repeat viewings for unraveling the story. I personally recommend viewing it with the deleted scenes.
As far as usage goes, this film is usually used as a stepping stone into other odd or cult films. People will either move on from this film to others or stick with it as the "pinnacle of cinematic achievement" People that have moved on from this film (myself included ) tend to hate the latter fans partially because of their closed views on cinema but mostly because they hate it when something they love begins to become more mass market.
Fan: Donnie Darko is the greatest movie ever.
Myself: No, not really.
Fan: You just don't understand it, it's so deep.
Myself: Whatever, I'm going to go watch a David Lynch movie.
by Nimsim June 30, 2005
One of the best movies ever created (the directors cut that is) starring Jake Gyllenhaal. Usually is thought to be overrated by dickwads who only watch it once and think they get it because they're' so fucking smart' :P It is nearly impossible to get the movie the first time around, considering all the tiny details one would need to pick up on, so these fun dickwads should pull their head out of their ass and give it another chance, but sadly wont be able to considering how far that head of theirs is jammed up in said ass :)
donnie darko is a piece of shit
no thats just all you can see right now
by yeahhhdarkooo July 26, 2010
A dope underground Rapper that people stay sleeping on, guys got mad skills but doesn't have the fanbase to take full advantage of it.
"I been through the game you ain't never seen, Coke, Crack, Promethazine, any Narcotic that a Hooker fiend" - "Another Black Sunday" by Donnie Darko
by ReepsOne March 07, 2012
Donnie Darko is an incredibly deep and multi-layered film about life, death, self sacrifice, and the nature of time and reality.

Yes it has a deep philosophical meaning, and it points at the superficiality of everyday society. Full of irony and dark humour, it has a lot of emotional depth and intelligence and in places is genuinely creepy.
At an even deeper level its about the psychic and about the experience of schizophrenia.

The real question is at the end, does Donnie make the right decision?, at one level he does not, at another he sacrifices himself to save his girlfriend and Frank - the rabbit - the boy, plus maybe his sister and mother.

Here's another question, why does Frank save Donnie in the first place? - saving Donnie starts the cycle that kills Frank, and then saves him again when Donnie sacrifices himself? Yeah Franks a seriously odd character.

In all not a film for the stupid or the shallow, but otherwise wonderful.
(Example - Donnie Darko) Can't think of one except the film itself, its easier to just go and watch the film. :D
by Quantum Power February 10, 2012
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