An amazing movie that people only hate and call "overrated" because they didn't understand the meaning behind it. Usually, these people are goth posers, nerds, and losers who don't know how to grow a brain. Watch the commentary, you dick wads.
"Donnie Darko is the best movie ever, you un-intelligent dick wads."
by ultimatekai October 28, 2006
Top Definition
An excellent yet overrated cult movie made by Richard Kelly.

Donnie Darko is a troubled adolescent who's life is saved when a giant bunny rabbit orders him to follow him one night. A plane engine so happens to crash on Donnie's room, but he is gone with frank (which is why his life is saved)

Realizing that his life should have ended then, Donnie finds secrets of physics and experiments things related to time travel and a book, that simply cannot be a coincidence. He is also going through a major teenage confusion, doubting humanity and especially adults.
Just look at how the parents' reaction is different to the childrens', when Donnie is bashing Jim Cunningham on stage. They are shocked, while the teens actually relate to the REALISM of Donnie's words.
Things cannot always be devided in only two paths.
Life isn't that simple.

Donnie Darko, the movie, is a presentation of many philosophies that only very few people ever think of.
"Destruction is a form of creation"
Etc, etc.

Fantastic, yet kind of overrated movie by most.
I see ALOT of people who "respect" and "worship" this movie yet cannot understand crap about it.
Some like it just because it's oh so underground/cult, and never actually try to think about the message flowing in the movie.
The children will have to save themselves because the parents have no clue.
by Urban Dictionary June 22, 2005
one of the best fucking movies ever
donnie darko kicks major rectum
by anonoymous726389 October 19, 2004
Possibly the best movie ever made.
"Cellar Door"
"Go Suck A Fuck!"
by YouSuckThat'sAll February 20, 2005
An amazing cult film with great cinematography, dark humor, great dialogue, smart themes... and an entity in a twisted bunny suit that prophesizes the end of the world.
It defies categorization as a film, and one must watch it in its entirety to fully appreciate it. You may still not understand it after watching it, but it doesn't matter. The film is still riveting and engaging in every single way.
Donnie Darko sure as hell beats the crap out of the Boondock Saints.
by Absinthe May 23, 2004
A cinematic masterpiece, written and directed by Richard Kelly, about the creation of a tangent universe (i.e. the collapse of time and space leading up to the Apocalypse) and one semi-schizophrenic teenager's time-traversing attempt to discover the cause of the creation of the said universe and reverse it. Is a thought-provoking spectacle which is only really condemned by those who were angered that it didn't contain much violence or at least one full-blown sex scene. Shallow people, that is. Oh, also, I'm a massive fan of the movie but I don't consider myself a pseudo-intellectual... though there's no denying that it's intelligent. Don't listen to those who put it down because, quite simply, they don't have an active brain cell between them.
Donnie Darko is possibly the best movie ever made.
by UNTERMENSCHEN May 22, 2005
A wonderfully cinematic and compelling film directed by Richard Kelly and staring a wonderful cast headed by Jake Gyllenhaal and Jena Malone about a teenage boy turned superhero after a 6 foot tall rabbit helps him destroy the tangent universe that has been created, and save humanity.

Ultimately a sci-fi/love story, but one hell of a film at that!

(p.s. the pills were placebos)
Every creature on this earth dies alone.

Movie goer one: I didn't like it that much.
Movie goer two: That's cos you didn't understand it! Look it up in the urban dictionary.
by Shaf November 09, 2004
Best movie ever made.
Incredibly wonderful cast.
Awesome soundtrack.
Jake Gyllenhaal is hot, too.
You're such a fuck ass!
by Oy. September 24, 2004
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