A action used during "doggy-style" anal-sexual intercourse. When a man's penis is in a man or woman's asshole, the man shouts "Donkeypunch!" and when the man/woman turns around he punches him/her in the face causing his/her asshole to tighten making the sexual experiance a lot better for the man Donkeypunching his partner.
"Oh yeah, fuck my asshole baby."
"Huh?" *Turns head around*
by Donkeypuncher5000 August 31, 2004
The act of playing Halo Reach online on a team slayer, aquiring a magnum or any other pistol, and meleing an enemy player from behind, resulting in an assassination animation.

if done correctly you should see the player's left hand punch the enemy in the back of the head, then a badass knife kill.

Sam: God! i know right! theyre ev-- Wait...

and DONKEY PUNCH!!!! haha! jackass!
by Mr. Snuggles!!>:( October 14, 2010
Donkey punching is more safe and effective when you use a swift but controlled open-handed karate chop to the very base of the skull, near its insertion on the neck. I believe this stimulates nerves that contract the anal sphincter muscles.
The legal definition should be removed because the goal is not to make the recipient unconscious. Also, this is not something that people actually do, its a freaken joke, you feminazi.
But, if you were to do it, a donkey punch to the spine just above the ass would probably work better (and provoke fewer lawsuits) than a blow to the head, which might even relax the anus. This is because sacral nerve stimulation has been linked to sphincter contraction (in cats)- dont ask.
Now, if you really want to get some sphincter contraction, without the whole punching thing, you cover the recipient's nose and mouth with a hankerchief full of ground pepper or something that will make her cough (or just ask her to cough repeatedly). Coughing tightens the anus twice as much as voluntarily squeezing.
My girlfriend asked me if I would like to donkey punch her, but I asked her to induce a coughing fit instead. Her cornhole puckered up so tight that I got sperm backwash and blew out my prostate!
by DrewP October 14, 2006
A splendid beverage composed of:

2/3 Dr. Pepper
1/3 Fruit Punch
Man, I'm thirsty. Hit me with a Donkey Punch.
by Gloibin March 14, 2010
When playing a multi-player game the act of killing two dueling players while they are fighting each other. See more info Respect the dual.
Man I came in that room and donkey punched them. I don't respect the dual ever.
by SAW BABY! June 15, 2013
The end product from the wopatuli fermentation process whereby leftover wop from an all night drinking party is left unattended and contained on a back porch for a minimum of two weeks. The combination of elements, temperature, neighborhood dogs and adventuresome squirrels create both a more powerful and pungent brew.
I asked for donkey punch and got a wicked hangover.
Drink safely.
by trixie larue and bam bam annie September 18, 2006
The most epic techno song ever made.
Dudee, I was rolling the other night and blasted 'Donkey Punch' by Hatiras! it was the best trip everrr.
by xxdisenchantedxx October 04, 2010
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