Don't you guys know? It's the name of a British film.
Dude, we watched 'Donkey Punch' for shitty movie night and it really wasn't that bad.
Administering a sharp blow to the back of a woman's head during anal intercourse just before you bust your nut.
So dude, I was banking my mom's ass last night and I donkey punched her too hard and she died. It was awesome.
by drunkdaddy714 August 30, 2009
a sexual act (in the doggy style position) that involves punching your partner in the back of the neck just before you are about to cum, causing your partner to spasam giving you an intense awsome orgasam!
Carl says to Patrice "i gave her a donkey punch last nite"

Patrice says to carl " was it good"

Carl says to patrice "yeah it was amazing but think i broke her neck"
by DRAZIC-THE-WITCH May 11, 2009
To strike a female forcefuly I the rear of her crainium at the point of climax during anal sex.
Often results in a bagel.
Jakes such a dick he donkey punched me last night then left. I woke up with such a bagel.

That asshole.
by JiggaloG March 12, 2008
A.)A sexual position, used commonly among gay men where one male puts himself into a doggie style formation, while the other stands opposite riding his rear.

B.)When this kid matt makes sweet love to his pet donkey.
A.)Hey bro matt donkey punched eddies mom, Sick!

B.)Bro matss at it again with the donkey punching! Sick mother mother bad sommomma bitch.
by Johnathan Jones October 08, 2007
When you punch someone in the cunt so hard that they die!
*Isaiah donkey punches stephanie
by asdadsfasdfs August 28, 2007
When one person bends over and the other person forces their fist into the other persons anus, causing it to penetrate them.
'Shaun donkey punched Emma in the 20p toilets'
by Bre nig. November 05, 2006

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