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A female version of an unconventional sex act. A female straddles a male in the cowgirl position. When he is about to ejaculate, she punches him in the chest, and grabs onto his neck. She rides him to orgasm as tries to remove her from his penis.

This is a playful act, usually consensual in nature. The 'punch' is more of a shock or surprise, and can be done with ice, or other method to shock the male. Slapping, feathers, cold water, a finger in the ass, or anything of that nature will achieve the desired result. The purpose is to achieve female orgasm by a male partner who is trying to escape.
My boyfriend didn't get me off for a week, when he was trying to rush last night, I gave him a Donkey Punch (ladies) !
by EVILEYE SAM June 21, 2010