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A crappy definitioner of this website.
Minus the 'Girl' and you get Donkey Kong Song, a crapnosed individual with a balding scalp and Yu-Gi-Oh card collection the size of Texas.
by B-Drac September 18, 2003
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(N.) An indivual who has come up with some rather, alarming and unusual Definitions to Some kind of Jinx Pokemon Yu-Gi-Oh nut job who has been said to have a bottle up her rectum. Called a "Yu-Gi-Fag."
Can I get fries with my Donkey Kong Song Meal? Oh, and also a Blue Eyes White Dragon DKS Toy. Yay! Now I can be like Yugi Pidgeotto, too. I summon the power of my Millenium Donkey Kong Song to help defeat Maximillion Unicorn!
by G-Union June 24, 2003

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