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Donkay means many things. Originally it was an expression of excitement, as in, you are in an airport on your way to a hedonistic Hawaiian vacation and you exclaim, "Donkay!!"

Oddly, it morphed into meaning, "penis" and then started being used to describe the sex act, even the vagina. It morphed again as a term of endearment, "Hey donkay girl"- it can even be used as a salutation, as in "donkay" (initial text to someone)- that person might respond with, "Donkay!" or something entirely different like, "what are you up to?"

Again, "Donkay" means many things.
"I hope your new BF has a big donkay!"

"Did you let him get to third base and touch your donkay?"

"It's certainly not very lady-like to get donkay'd on your first date!

"Donkay girl! long time no talk to!"
by Sab Fab and Jula Hoop January 18, 2014
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