A "Dumbass Wannabe Notice Fag" that is influenced by either white trash or child abuse by dogs.
One of which that uses a twig just to tease him of the size it at the age of 16 or was it 15.
by Hate Crime January 17, 2005
Top Definition
som kid from new york
Dong Woo > you
aight ok peace
by Dong Woo March 06, 2005
rapper and dancer of infinite. arguably one of the best singers in the group when he makes an attempt. loves cracking inappropriate jokes and living a dangerous lifestyle. in his spare time, he dresses in drag and fights villains as batman.
that guy dongwoo? he's mine.
by dongwoolover89 February 24, 2015
A dumb ass delusional racist moron. Who "thinks" that all of blacks problems through out the entire world can be attributed to white racism.
He then writes definitions on the internet based on those inaccurate opinions which he hasn't even taken the time to authenticate.
Dong Woo uses racism as a crutch. He should check the facts and statistics. Before ASSuming bias opinions popular among blacks and bleeding heart liberal jackasses are factual.
by rapsucks1738 January 02, 2007
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