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The act completing a specific task, the end of any action or noun, in either a highly negative or highly positive manner.
Pos - Dude, school's finnally out. We're Doneski!

Neg - 44 to 0 fourth quarter? Dude, our team's doneski.
by Andrew Turner, Adam Purcell November 10, 2007
Main Entry: ness
Pronunciation: duh'nes'skE
Function: noun, verb, adjective
Etymology: Southern Dialect, from the addition of the suffix -ski to the word "done."

1. to be brought to a finish or end, usually in rapid secession.
2. the state or aura of being done.
1. Not even 9 minutes had passed with her, and Will was totally doneski.

2. After drinking a case of beer, Colin was doneski for the night.
by Trevor Dub May 26, 2007
Similar to but not exactly like Donski. Doneski refers to when something or someone or many someones are done with/finished/over
My Grandmother is Doneskis. After he broke the tackle, Toomer was Doneskis. I ate so much, I was Doneskis. After the Grand Slam, the mets had a huge lead and the Phillies were doneskis.
If I don't pass this test I am doneski. Once Clemens walked into that courtroom, he was doneski.
by Dave Doneskis March 04, 2008
being burnt out;done
You wake up after a night of partying and proclaim you're doneski
by Audrey212 November 13, 2006
to finish an event or express completion
when jack ne hoff finished cranking it, he yelled "Doneskis!"
by Big Dick Dyar December 24, 2008
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