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Done deal
"It's a Done D nigga"
by YnoTonY February 17, 2009
12 1
the state in which you have been overwhelmingly outdone by the other person's foolishness in a way that you have nothing else to say
Person 1: You are stupider than I am
Person 2: I'm doned
by Around the corner to the right October 22, 2012
1 0
To fuck up a sure thing when its been tossed up like a softball.....
"Mandi" said she was going to fuck Don tonight. Three sheets to the wind "Mandi" brought Don to the bedroom and all they did was talk about her EX.

Man he Don'ed it!!
by these_walls_do _talk May 14, 2012
1 0
Pronounced 'Dond'

To be a 'Don' at something.
'Man I just doned all over that interview! I'm about to become a millionaire!'

'I dont get why all those women were getting on me, probably because I doned all over that dance floor!'
by Mr Awesome 182 September 05, 2011
3 3
Being both drunk and stoned.
Man I got so fucking doned last night!
by gumbydude November 02, 2006
9 9
feeling blah and you dont know how to describe it not stoned but just blahh
Wow delamare and barbato are fuckin doned and they acting really weird.
by redhead July 28, 2005
4 11