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When one leaves the party earlier than expected, or falls asleep due to excessive consumption of alcohol & drugs. Where a friend leaves a Party of friend's due to his/her own stupidity or a chance of a legover. Where one will be punished by the masses until the dodging is done.
Me: 'i cant believe that Pheonix has gone back to his tent'
Pad: 'oh no Pheonix has done the dodge!
Crowd: (chanting to the mellow beats of the bongo drum)'PHEONIX HAS DONE THE DODGE! PHEONIX HAS DONE THE DODGE!(repeated many times until the culprit emerges from his pit)'

Me: 'Where has Pad gone?'
Becca: 'he has done the dodge to the DEATH HOUSE'
Me; 'the dodgy fucker'
by Lt.biscuits November 04, 2007