Donald-Trump (verb): To make a false assertion with great authority.

(Donald-Trumped, Donald-Trumping)
Donald-Trump (noun): A whopping lie or boastful claim meant to deceive.

(Plural: Donald-Trumps)

Verb: “I have too much data about this situation to be Donald-Trumped.”

Noun: “I’m not hiring him—after I checked his resume, I discovered it was filled with Donald-Trumps.”
by iWitty June 30, 2016
The devil's son or the devil incarnated. A.k.a. the most hated person after Hitler. Some racist ass who actually thinks is gonna be president and get away with taking Puerto Ricans and Latinos out of the U.S. He also has a dead bird rather than hair on his head
This guy is so racist he could be Donald Trump
by PeopleProofed October 26, 2015
a dipshit who thinks he is better than the rest of the world and wants to kick out all imigrants outta this country
a dipshit
a fucking dipshit
Guess what, there is a dipshit named Donald trump who is trying to be a president.
HEY WHO THE FUCK DOES HE THINK HE IS :'D he makes me laugh, he truly does.
via giphy
by gir_is_so_cute_omg July 14, 2016
Someone : stupid, racist, arrogant, asshole, liar, hypocrite and raised as a rich spoiled-kid.
Omg what a Donald Trump !
Look at that Donald Trump !
You're such a Donald Trump !
Don't be a Donald Trump !
This guy looks like a Donald Trump !
by The Guy From *insert movie* January 25, 2016
Donald Trump is probably the worst candidate because...

1. He has filed for bankruptcy four times.

FOUR TIMES. If trump can't manage his own cash wisely, do we and the governmentvreally want to trust him with own money.

2. There is the very high possibility that he is a racist.
Trump claims to have friends who are Mexican and yet he calls Mexicans murders and rapists

3. He's a bad role model towards children.
Children who watch trumps speech's with parents watch a man say somewhat racial comments and that anyone who dosen't agree with him is a loser. I for one don't think that's gonna be good them later in life.

4. He HATES Muslims
Trump claims that during the events of 911 Muslims cheered on in the chaos. This man is villainising a religion and race of people and telling an entire country that they shouldn't be alive. I used know someone with very similar ideas, but I can't quite remember. (cough) Hitler.

5. He lacks experience.
Trump is a poor candidate because he's never real experience with politics. Like a lot of Republicans, he doesn't realise that America is a free country, and the only people he had such a following in the beginning is he was great at playing the media and he had being it for years. The media is really where he should stay.
Bill: "hey, have heard that donald Trump's in the lead for the election.
John: " oh you mean that broke, racist, inexperienced, Hitler wannabe bad role model?
Bill: "yeah that's the one.
by Mesa has cupcake July 20, 2016
Man worth billions. Actual worth hard to estimate do to the different business partnerships he has. Maintains booming real estate development business and runs many other businesses under the Trump Organization name. Hosts popular tv show titled "The Apprentice."
Trump Tower, Trump Ice, The Apprentice, Trump Models
by gfskatepark June 05, 2005
A phrase meaning being overtly racist, mysogynistic, overbearing, loud, narcissistic, rude, manipulative, egotistical, greedy, childish, smarmy...
That loser over there totally Donald Trumped me last week. Im trying to avoid him. Hide me
by MarchionessC July 19, 2016
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