1.A generic term for an overweight male who is very mean spirited and unfriendly. He may be known for performing ridiculous acts such as cutting a very small, postage stamp, inner city front lawn with a very large "sit down and drive" John Deere mower.

2. A term used to describe someone who may fly off the handle and perform some sort of randomly violent act.
1. Person A: I'm bored what should we do?
Person B: Maybe we should go TP Donald's house.
Person A: Again? Ok lets go!

2. Person A: Look at that lunatic walking down the street.
Person B: I dare you to wave and say hello to him.
Person C: No way!! He might go Donald on us!!
by comNsense April 05, 2007
Donald Trump - to take a dump, have a shit
Where`s the toilet?
I need to take a Donald!
by shennanigans March 30, 2007
Rhyming slang for dump (to have a shit) as in the American billionaire Donald Trump.
"Anthony please excuse me. I must go for a Donald immediately, I'm touching cloth!
by Alex Davis July 06, 2006

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