"The Man" One who always puts others first.
Kind,Gentle,Loving,Caring. Will do almost anything you ask. Wants to be a real pleaser, great lover and a friend. A man without a plan.
My husband.
Donald who cancels plans just to spend quality one on one time with his wife.
by jmarieb February 05, 2010
The boy's name Donald \d(o)-na-ld\ is pronounced DAHN-ald. It is of Scottish and Gaelic origin, and its meaning is "great chief; world mighty". Donald is one of the clan names of Scotland.
Hi, my name is Donald.
by Tyler Session August 11, 2007
The greatest boyfriend ever.
My boyfriend, Donald! I LOVE HIM!
by Kisaki Kattakuzai January 02, 2008
Verb.- The act of recieving a Cock slap to the face or head region of the body.

"Last night, Trey put his penis on Harvey's face."

"He got Donald'ed!"
by Justi Nigger April 06, 2008
To take a shit. A play on the name of US tycoon Donald Trump (rhyming with 'dump'). Most likely found to be used in North Dublin.
'Jesus man. I'm off for a Donald'
by BillyThe Kidd January 12, 2009
An ill tempered old man who sits alone and talks to himself about the "good old days" and enjoys watching cat sex.
Donald stole my cat again...
by greenhermit January 16, 2009
A Donald is a penis
Pat: brian had a tiny donald because he said he was relaxed
by Donaldino September 06, 2008
Slang for sexual intercourse.
Fancy a donald love?
by Jamie October 06, 2006

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