To pack and stack a bong load, or bowl so high it resembles Don King's hairdo.
Load me a Don King please.
by Ricky D. December 10, 2007
Dipping your dick into a mug of coffee.
''FFS jason stop donking ''
by Alfbogey January 14, 2015
While your jerking a guy off keep the cum in your hand and than have him go down on you and when hes down put the cum in his hair and rub his head so when he is done he ends up looking like Don King
when im done with him im gonna make his ass look like Don King
by The 88 July 06, 2008
the unspeakable act of someone grinding on someone else's body while doing other sexual things. a synonym would be "dry-humping". This is not to be spoken of with family members or prude friends. Its nasty. Explicit. One of those things you just "dont talk about" x rated. careful, donking is not for everyone kids. Play safe! It is called donking because the butt (donk) tends to bounce around drawing all attention to it.
She was donking hard on that boy while they were making out on the couch. So public. I can't believe it.
by Molly Anne February 27, 2009
To leave too much ash on blunt, joint etc. before passing to the right. Which makes the blunt, joint etc. look just like Don King.
Ash that Don King before passing it to me.
Don't pass me that Don King.
How you gonna pass me that jawn all Don King'd up
by Roger Wilko July 12, 2010
To don king is to ash your blunt or cigarette, because Don King has big tall white hair.
Yo Straw you better Don King that blunt nigga!!!
by RandyBurl February 03, 2010
(1) The action of randomly hitting someone over the head with a ping-pong paddle.
(2) What big donkeys do to make little donkeys.
(3) The act of screwing someone for money -derived from bonking, which is the act of screwing someone for fun. This type of donking is very common in the world of professional boxing.
(1) Stop donking me with that paddle.
(2) No need to be graphic here.
(3) Jeff Fenech and Mike Tyson have both been victims of donking during their boxing careers.
by spiderdan July 04, 2005
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