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A bald pussy with just a little bit of stubble. Called this because it resembles the actor Don Johnson's facial hair in the 1980s TV show Miami Vice.
It had been a few days since Mary shaved so I munched on her Don Johnson.

I fucked this bitch yesterday day and she wasn't completely bald, she had a little don johnson.
by mike wright September 10, 2006
The act of using ones' sock to either:

a. masturbate with, catching your mess in the sock

b. wipe your shitty ass w/ in the event of an emergency poop

thus leaving you sockless, like Don Johnson in Miami Vice
a. She got me so hot, a pulled Don Johnson in my car on the ride home.

b. That quarter pounder w/ cheese gave me the runs and I had to go Don Johnson in the parking lot behind McD's.
by Peter Forbin September 28, 2006