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Def - Don't-give-a-fuckism is a state of apathy or indifference, whether permanent or temporary, in which a person chooses to ignore events going on around them. Stress is caused by attachment (giving a fuck) and can be relieved by detachment (not giving a fuck). Not giving a fuck can signifcantly improve quality of life by removing human issues connected with attachment (i.e. caring, worry, stress and giving a fuck). Not giving a fuck disconnects or detatches the individual from these issues and forces the person to concentrate on the things that make them happy rather than worrying about things that are out of their control and thereby improving quality of life (QOL); Variations: Don't-give-a-rat's-ass-ism,Don't-give-two-squirts-of-hot-steaming-piss-ism, Can't-be-arsed-ism.
1st person: "Hey, the boss saw you come in late again today. You're in deep shit man!" 2nd person: "So what, I don't give a fuck! I subscribe to ethos of don't-give-a-fuckism so it don't bother me. Whatever!"
by buzz_11 October 24, 2010
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