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Also a term used by the large man I shared a jail cell with one time.
"Don't fight the pipe fish. Daddy gon' lay some pipe down like the water company. Yeah bitch!"
"Just don't touch my face."
by Silky Johnson December 16, 2005
1. What I say to hoes or bitches, right before I turn 'em into my crack slaves and pimp 'em out for a tidy profit.

2. A line from a poem by Maya Angelou about Mayor Marion Barry (from the Chris Rock Show).

3. The sentiment behind Denzel Washington's forcing of Ethan Hawke to smoke some ill shit in Training Day.
1. "Don't fight the pipe biyatch. Don't fight the fuckin' pipe or I'll break my annihalator-Gator off in yo' fat ass! ... That's it, now get in the car ho."

2. "Hey Mr. Crack Rock
Mayor Crack Rock
You like the pipe
Don't fight the pipe
Mayor Crack Rock"

3. "If you don't smoke this nigga we have a problem!"

by Silky Johnson December 07, 2005
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