To injure yourself playing a non-sport
dude I pulled a don playing fussball
by grixti October 28, 2007
When a male or female does something incredibly stupid, yet unsurprising, in the eyes of their peers. Their thoughtless act or inability to reason results in the fact that they are a "Don."
"Sean: 'I wish my birthday was March 1st, that way it could be on April Fool's Day!' Tim: 'Classic Don.'"

"Joe: 'Isn't it weird that if you traveled to Mars and back, everyone you know would be dead because of the time zone?'.. Brad: 'What the fuck are you talking about, you stupid Don."
by Dodgeball Don November 08, 2011
Don is short for DONKEY ASS. Manipulating, fat, liar, and jealous. Paranoid and ugly mouth!
Don is a flea on a donkeys ass
by shammmy39 January 01, 2011
*Only* and italian can be a Don. Nothing to do with pimps, macks, or other stupid BS. a don is a leader of an Italian Mafia family. anybody else, especially black, could NEVER be a respected Don.
John Gotti was a true Don.
by Giovanna S. June 01, 2005
anyone who is not jewish
by donnydondondon January 07, 2009
An acronym for the phrase "dirty old nut sack". May be used to describe male genitalia or in referring to elderly males or foreign born minorities in a derogatory manner.
When I told her I was cheating, she kicked me in dons. or
That dons that works at 7-11 needs to learn how to speak English.
by Jim Riggins November 30, 2006
An abbreviation for the Delta Omega Nu Fraternity. The best fraternity in the United States of America since 1848. The Dons are well-known for having more famous alumni than any other fraternity. An ultra-exclusive frat where only the truly best pledges are let in, or the most reckless.
-My friends a Don and he got a great job at Mizuno through their alumni connections.
-I got a $2000 loan from a Don, what a great guy!
-I partied at the DON house every weekend this year!
-The Dons have the best nug on campus.
-Our president of student government is a DON. He bought me booze after he addressed our entire freshman class.

by Prof. Sosa April 28, 2008
a jamaican bad man..anyone who thinks that black people can't be Dons..get your silly ass on a plane to Kingston and see who Run Tings!
is me a di Don a dis ya yard!!!
by Rankin Dread March 15, 2006

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