The Boss, The Head of Crew or Crime Family.
Alfons "Scarface" Capone was the Don of Chicago and Frank Nitty was his right hand man.
by Miclo September 22, 2005
The leader of a gang, particularly in Mafia terms.
"I eat bananas with cherry sauce."
by Tom December 24, 2003
The head of a mafia crime family, usually Italian, ex. Don Corleone from "The Godfather".

The Don of a mafia is the boss of the family and also of the family business. He can declare war on another mafia family and he can also call and make a truce or surrender regarding such family wars. He can also arrange marriages of duaghters from the family even if the daughter is not his own. If you are late to a family meeting with the Don you better be wearing a bullet-proof vest.
"-Who's watching the Don?

-I don't know, but you betta watch yourself kid."
by Sid Barrett July 02, 2007
Person with a Gigantic Cock. A lady Killa, in a platonic sense, which there is non for the word'killa' and platonic is spelled wrong. Either Way Don is a PIMP ass wit alll dem fine ladies!
Don, YOu have an extremely large penis.
Lady: I want you so fucking badly don!
Don:I"m sooooooo cool!
(v) To ear fuck; specifically to talk to someone for such a period of time that they feel as if someone has fucked their ear.
I was trying to close out my last table, but the host was donning the shit out of my patrons. Looks like it'll be another late night...
by sraff June 04, 2012
boobs. big ones.
you: zoe's got some dons.

me: yeah buddy.
by capitan persuedo November 01, 2011
1. Head of any mafia crime family.
2. Don Perion. Expensive Champagne.
3. 'The Don'. Is Sir Donald Bradman, the greatest ever cricketer. Averaged 99 runs per test innings.
1. "Fat Tony from the Simpsons is the Don of his crime family."
2. "I'll get a Jack and Coke and a Bottle of Don."
3. "Sadly 'The Don' died recently."
by Diego September 09, 2003
To blatantly ditch, or not include someone in your plans
Dude why did you don me last night? I really wanted to go to that movie.
by Austin Mudge November 10, 2008
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