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The fate of lame definitions sent to Urban Dictionary that start with:
- An incredibly attractive man who will...
- An act in which you pull your... into a girl´s... so she starts...
- X is an awesome girl. She is crazy! She is your best friend. X's are usually blonde with blue eyes.
- The coolest guy in the world!
- The act of desecration and contempt for the woman involved and, by extension, all women in which the man inserts his... into the woman´s... then producing a... that causes the girl to...
- An amazing person. Possessing super-human intelligence, dazzling looks, being extremely good at...
- An awesome human being who is so cool, you'll just have to...
- A machine, great in bed and extremely sexual, really smart, and adorably hilarious. You're lucky to have them in your life...
- She will only giggle, blush and shake her head-but not in a conventional way..
Well... you get the idea. Mostly, anything that does not follow Urban Dictionary´s Guidelines, but sometimes get approved by intellectually challenged teens who become UD editors in order to get approved theirs mates names, insults, or preteen retarded sexual fantasies.
A: "Oh My Gawd I can´t way to see Rita´s name published by Urban Dic!"
B: "What did you send?"
A: "Well... you know... RITA: the most epic, awesomest, girl in the whole planet. A Rita is...."
B: "Ok... I get the idea but, how do you think they will publish such a stupid definition instead of a well-deserved Don´t Publish?"
A: "I have a friend who is an Urban Dic editor and he promised."
B: "Holy crap!"
by rperazag July 26, 2010
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