What you say to someone who is whining like a little bitch about things that no one cares about but them.
Or when someone is whining about something that isnt that bad.
Guy 1: Man, I lost 10 bucks on the blackjack table.
Guy 2: Dont Cry for me Argentina, I'm down 2,000 bucks! Let me call you a Wambulance.
by Russ Bus November 19, 2007
Top Definition
When someone is fishing for sympathy and the person they are directing it to does not care or want to be bothered with their dramatic ploys for attention.
Shan whines to Billy, 'I need atention now Sir...'

Billy retorts, 'Don't Cry for me Argentina ~ I tried calling you last night but you were too busy to meet my needs!'
by carrioncrow September 27, 2006
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