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1)reference to male genetalia
2)something in large proportion
3)receiving something bad

Its a funny ass word.
1)his man gave him that dompa last night
2)why would you get hit with the dompa?
3)i heard she caught the dompa
by CaSSiuS April 23, 2005
\'dome-pä\ Contraction of DOMestic PArtner. Used in place of husband or wife when in a domestic partnership instead of a marriage.
1.)Mike introduced us to his new dompa, Larry.
2.)Susan traded her husband in for her dompa, Molly.
by partner50149470 February 18, 2008
1. Domestic partner - contraction of dom(estic) + pa(rtner)
2. Term of endearment for same
1. She's my dompa.
2. "You're a sweet, sweet dompa," she said, smiling.
by RSH February 03, 2006
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