In the BDSM / fetish world, it is a Female Dominant who professionally works with submissive clients.
Also known as a "professional Dominatrix."

The term "Domme" is often confused with "Dominatrix".

A "Dominatrix" just is a Female Dominant who fulfills the Dominant role in a personal relationship or perhaps a career.

It does not imply that She IS a professional.
Domme is a term used SPECIFICALLY for the professional variety, meaning she is paid or compensated for Her services.

The terms Domme, Dom, Domina, Dominatrix, and Dominant are *always* capitalized in proper BDSM grammar, btw.
--- I used to be a college professor, but now I am a Domme. The pay is better and I do what I do best for a career now!

--- Laura is controlling and Dominant in her relationship with Her boyfriend billy. She doesn't want to quit working at the restaurant, so she'll just be a Dominatrix with him.

--- Every year Dommes from across the country go to a BDSM event called DomCon.

by Me in Atlanta March 17, 2009
Top Definition
A female dominant in a BDSM relationship.

Pronunciation varies; usually it is pronounced 'Dom', but sometimes may be pronounced 'Dom-may' to stress the difference between the female and male Dom(inant).

'Domme' usually refers to a non-professional female dominant.

A professional female dominant is usually referred to as a 'Dominatrix', or a 'Pro-Domme', but may simply be called 'Domme' by her close associates or clients.
My Domme flogged me for being cheeky to her friend
by cave_canem October 05, 2009
female dominant in a BDSM relationship
(usually spelled as a proper noun, e.g. 'Domme', as is it's male counterpart, 'Dom')
Michael only addresses his Mistress as 'ma'am'; he calls other Dommes by their given names.
by Aileen April 21, 2003
female dominant in a BDSM relationship. see Dom
Gina is a Domme, but she enjoys being the bottom once in a while.
by Aileen April 21, 2003
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