n. a figurative place used to emphasize massive amounts of humiliation
When Caleb face-planted Andy's head with that plunger, Andy knew that he had arrived at domination station.
by Caleb J. April 22, 2006
Top Definition
A large amount of humiliation from beating somebody badly in an online video game. Used in a sentence in place of pwned or dominated. Phrase is rooted from two people in a World of Warcraft ventrilo server named "Rushal" and "Bigspeedystick".
*bigspeedystick kills player multiple times*
Bigspeedystick: Oh, this kid is getting dominated.
Rushal: Domination station
by Forcy October 16, 2006
When the aveage toilet becomes destroyed by a foul or loose consistencied bowel movement, usually rendering the area worthy of evacuation.
Domination stations can be spotted at local beach restrooms or gas stations.
by fuckerIdid May 08, 2003
The greatest beer pong team ever created. It has two members, Andrea Patricia Molina and Landon Patrick Boisclair, and is known, feared, and respected all across the nation. It is in the preliminary stages of taking its dominance international.
Man we just got our asses kicked by Domination Station.

Who are we playing? I hope it isn't Domination Station.
by Landon Boisclair July 23, 2007
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