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a scene chick.
always is at warped tour or mall

dgafs what you think
has a video on her hair
her youtube is mostly about her and her cusin doing stupid things
girl: hey have you been on youtube?
girl 2: no why?
girl: I saw this chick on ther and she was there making videos with her cusin i think her name is domi diamonds
girl 2: oh ya I seen her she has a cute backgorund

girl: argh that girl is at the mall agian why is she always here!
girl 2: becuz shes scene duh!
by katylinscenequeen February 23, 2010

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a scene girl who has Youtube videos
girl: that girl over there is loud
girl2: omg thats Domi Diamonds!
girl: oh i dont know her..
by katylinscenequeen February 23, 2010