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Getting a blowjob (dome) while eating a Chipotle Burrito. However, there are specific rules and qualifications to this process. For instance, if you finish your burrito before you blow the load; the act is void. Also, the burrito MUST be from Chipotle any other restaurant is a mere disappointment. After consuming your male burrito the female will have to consume an entire meal in order to solidify the experience.
1) "Man, I almost got a Domerrito the other day!"
"What happened?"

"She was brutal at giving head so I couldnt blow my load before I finished the burrito"
2) " Dude I saw this girl trying to give a domerrito the other day in the parking lot. "
"Yeah but then I told them it wasn't a Chipotle burrito so it didnt count"
"That guy was PISSED"
by rumsssauce March 20, 2010
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