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The craziest, funniest, most charming, guy you ever met. He'll do things no one would do just to entertain. He tends to drink too much but is naturally the life of the party. He can be very vulgar and not at all shy sexually leading to unruly behavior. He is usually a very strong manly man that loves competition and is very intelligent. He can be your worst enemy and your best friend depending on what you bring to the table. He has deep moral values but tends to not want anyone to know the real him, so hides it very well. He attracts most women (especially the easy ones)... and gets along with any man. Under the sheets he is sure to please with his deeply sensual touch and intense kisses. Good luck keeping him tied down! He's known to prowl but with a genuine heart of a hero, deep down he wants a REAL good girl with brains, beauty, and a secretly intense sex drive who is strong enough to set him on the right path. You can grab his heart with a tender sweetness and true loyalty. Can you tame this BEAST?!
You can't help but love Domenique.
by JustaDreamer February 05, 2010

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