Oral sex performed on a male.

Can be substituted with:
-head piece
-wiglaf dome
-dome lid
"That poor Sean spilled his vanilla milkshake only after a minute of a taste domeburger at McCormicks."
by Anthony May 13, 2005
Top Definition
Domeburger= A sloppy blowjob or just head in general.
Just get that domeburger son..
Carmella gave Pope and Charlie kot domeburgers last night at the party!

Get them domeburgers....
by Kevin Pope- Give me Dome January 20, 2005
Sloppy oral sex, usually it takes place when a girl is totally drunk.

Afterwards the guy should joke around about it with his friends.
I got domeburger on the front lawn of this drunk chick's house.
by Master of Diaster April 28, 2005
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