The act of tearing open a pregnant womans vagina, pulling out her unborn fetus with your teeth, shoving it into her mouth, and fuck her in the ass. You then get a horse preferably a pinto, and have it fuck her. You then take a shit in her mouth which also has her unborn fetus in it that could've grown up to be a doctor or a famous basketball player. After you do all this, you then staple her mouth shut which has shit and fetus in it. You gouge out her eyes with a fucking hammer, rip her breasts open with pliers, then take a shotgun and shoot her in the ass. (If she isn't dead then knife her chest and fuck her chest cavity.) Now you have to hide her body inside a refrigerator and drive away happily to Mexico.
I gave her a Dome Skillet yesterday.
by Cockblock1234 August 24, 2008
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