The name of a lad who will slap the fuck outa someone who steps outa line. He has hoes in all states of the USA, but tends to fuck the older chicks. When he was 5 he fucked the hottest teacher in his school, now he lives in a mansion... the Playboy Mansion.
Guy - "Yo man! My girl came home last night and couldn't sit down!"

Other Guy - "Shit dawg! It musta been Dominic!"
by chinatownwarrior March 07, 2013
Top Definition
n. Short for "Dominant." The dominant person in a BDSM relationship or encounter.
She's looking for a dom who has knowledge of tying complicated knots.
by Bad Grammar Must Die April 16, 2003
Short form for: Delayed Onset Of Muscle Soreness

When we work out at the gym well enough to tear the tiny fibres in our muscles (which is the overall intention: when the the micro fibres in our muscles get rippd from pushing our limits in the work out, our muscles feel pain about 24-48 hours later, lasting for about 48-72 hours. basically our muscles are goin like "wtf did he just do to me? i better get bigger so this doesn't happen to me again!" which ofcourse it dus, because we increase the weight in the next workout and go even harder.. and the cycle goes on..)
Guy 1: hey man i got some serious DOMS tday from yesterdays workout!
Guy 2: good job bro! keep up the good work! just remember to let your muscles heal completely before you go to the gym again!
by Akarsh April 28, 2008
Dirty Old Man

A person with an extremely filthy and funny mind. They think about sex 90% of the time without being a sex offender or slut.

When someone is able to master the art of being a DOM he/she will become the King DOM to be the leader of all the DOMs around them.
Guy: Hey wanna eat a banana?

Girl: OMG Quit being a DOM!

Guy: I said eat a banana NOT eat my banana. Look who's the DOM here..

Girl: Giggle and stare at his cock
by Delinger May 29, 2011
A DIRTY OLD MAN who perves/touches/looks for younger wemon, a pedo etc.
i saw your dad havin' a perve on your little sisters friends the other day, he is a D O M
by Horse September 24, 2005
1. Short for Dominic (also Dominique, Dominik, etc.)
2. Polish word for house or home.
1. Hey Dom wait up!
2. Ja mam piekny dom. (I have a beautiful house.)
by Dominik. September 15, 2005
Acronym for "Dirty Old Man." Refers to a perverted old man who checks out, and hits on, young women.
Girl 1: "Oh no, here comes Josh from IT. Hide."
Girl 2: "Ewww he's so gross. The way he looks at us. DOM!!!"
by chuddeemaster2000 November 17, 2010
Dom is one of the biggest bro's in the universe, his bro'ness cannot ever die.
If someone ever saw dom being a bro and that person wasn't a bro, they would DIE.
People bask in his awesomeness every day, shouting 'Dom your such a God of bro's!!'.
He is a crazy jive ass motherfucker.
Josh: Hey look it's Dom.
Will: He's such a bro!!!!
Samir: I wish I was him. *Sad face*.
by josh09876543212345678909876543 April 07, 2011

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