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Tidy version of a camel toe.

A neat and tidy kept lady bump
any fit bird in a pair of pants or daisy lowe in a tight pair of pants showing her beautiful dolphins nose
by steve topping September 08, 2011
When you can see a woman's front bottom due to her trousers being too tight and thus looks like the same shape as a Dolphins Nose(also known as a Camel Toe, Monkeys Mouth or Burger!).
Corr blige... did you see that ladies Dolphins nose - those trousers look like they are sprayed on!!
by Harriet Bigjugs August 21, 2007
Like a turtle's head but more urgent and making a clicking sound.
"I really can't wait I've got a dolphin's nose here!"
by Davey Jop November 06, 2008