When a guy with a mamoth dong thrusts it right up a woman's belly button until the skin is penatrated and you are fully up-inside her internal organs!!! Grr
I was fully dolphin sexing this fine biach and then i fell over and played with my nutts.
by The Levi September 19, 2003
Top Definition
When the man lays behind a woman with her legs closed and fucks her from behind. Then slides it out and slips it in her asshole unexpectedly causing her to make an Eeek eek noise commenly associated as a dolphins mating call, and wiggle on the bed much like a dolphin swimming in a futile attemp t to wiggle away.
Dude my bitch is sooooo pissed, I hit her with a bit of the dolphin sex last night ;)
by Rukas December 23, 2003
The next step to take after trinity when showing one the true horrors of the internet. The site contains explicit and very detailed instruction on how to "mate" with male and female dolphins, geese and other animals. Despite what many may tell you the site is, indeed, real.
by Anonymous August 04, 2003
tha philosophy that one can acheive sexual satisfaction with dolphins
by Omega Death March 28, 2003
The noise given by a female after being propositioned by a male to put it in her ass sounding very similar to a dolphin.
Bob: <rubs dick on female's asshole as an offer>
Jane: anh-nh
by Meezy August 02, 2005
The act of enjoying sex with a partner and a bullet toy with a dolphin sleeve, leading to multiple squirting orgasms for the woman and intense orgasm for the man.
Hey girl, I'm really in the mood and could go for some dolphin sex tonight.
by dolphinsexgirl April 30, 2012
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