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A cocktail made with tequila, lime juice, triple sec (orange liqueur), and Tabasco sauce (hot sauce). Can be made "on the rocks" or blended with ice; the latter version is popular at parties.

Originated in Fontana, CA at the Autoclub Speedway Nascar Pepsi 500 Cup. Dolores, the bar patron, ordered a margarita on the rocks but the bartender immediately began making a bloody mary with Tabasco sauce. To avoid waiting, Dolores said to continue making the margarita in the same glass. The Dolores Margarita was born. It was a spicy and delicious margarita. The whole bar began ordering Dolores Margarita's shortly after.
One Dolores Margarita on the rocks please, make it EXTRA SPICY!
by DGoldstar October 09, 2009

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