Phrase meaning to two man something, normally related to marijuana. Duo+ solo= Dolo
Bro! Lets go dolo that blunt.
by PrivatePot June 30, 2010
state of being low on cash.
nah man i can't go eat out my do lo.
by bko June 20, 2004
Very expensive/ pimped out. The best money can buy.
Wow man that is a dolo Lexus. OR Damn that Lexus is dolo.
by PrincessNectarine January 15, 2004
Performing an action by yourself.
I went to the club by my dolo.

I went to the mall by my dolo to cop me some sneaks.
by E Hunter March 21, 2006
penis, from the language Papiamento, spoken in Aruba, Bonaire and Curaçao
Mi dolo ta grandi/chikito - Mi penis is big/small
by Bigick October 19, 2007
it's the name for penis in (papiamento)
mi dolo (my penis)
mi tin un dolo bunita (i have a nice penis)
by J.B.O November 25, 2007
Actually does mean money. Think dollars. Originated from East Coast/NY style hip hop.
"It's me and you do it live on stage for dolo" - Prodigy of Mobb Deep
by pitch black August 01, 2006
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