penis. similar to boto meaning penis in Filipino. 2. used to tease
man my dolo is real hard. 2. man he is such a fat dolo.
by kden September 12, 2007
Short for the name Dolores.
"My name is Dolores but you can call me Dolo."
by Dolores Z June 29, 2006
a word used to describe a person and his/her good or bad actions. Those who are considered "DoLo" inscribe the letters on their knuckles and frequently communicate with other "DoLo" members with fist pounds.
Jess: I got a 93 on the test Charlie what did you get?

Charlie: I got a 67 DoLo!!!!!
by Cheezy aka CheeKs December 03, 2005
slang for money; like "dough"
going to work, gotta make the dolo.
by mia August 29, 2003
A solo that is performed with such skill and beauty that the S can not appropriately describe it.
What a beautiful dolo that was! I died inside and was reborn listening to it.
by One Cool Cat Jazzer September 10, 2011
just like it sounds: a big stupid-head. (see also: barzhang)
origin: campbell river b.c, 1987-1988.
1. oh shit, i forgot my keys at home; i am such a fucking dolo!
2. don't bogart the nooch, you dolo!
3. mi nuevo tattooaje es doloroso!
by ojos azules March 24, 2007
a marijuana cigar, or "blunt", rolled for one singular person to smoke.
Every year on New Year's Eve, we everyone at our party has a dolo.
by AliChronic July 14, 2011

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