one who buys drugs from a bigger dealer to sell and make profit from
I bought a kilo from one of his dolly girls.
by chicccc March 10, 2008
Stupid - rhyming slang for simple (dolly dimple).

Normally used to denote someone who is not too bright but still a nice enough person, a fairly mild insult.
Poor old Britney Spears - heart of gold but a bit dolly.
by Craig McLaughlin March 31, 2007
A guy who looks tough, acts tough but as soon as shit goes down, he is no where to find.
the poof went all 'DOLLY' and ran
by rarbish binnie August 10, 2004
The coolest girl in the world. she goes to Saxe Middle School in New Canaan. She has the coolest clothes, style, fashion and personality. She is my idol!!
everyone wants to be friends with her, so im very lucky!! :)
by sweetcherry566 April 30, 2005
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