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a qroup of pretty qirls wid swavor.
Me and my dollies are qoinq to the party toniqht.
by MissAirdnolaj July 13, 2009
An Australian magazine for teeny bopping girls.

See also wannabe version of cosmopolitan for stupid whiney biatches.
15 year old girl- OMG!!11 lyk, hav u got da l8est verzion of dolly?!!11 lyk OMG johnny depp is lyk sooooooo hot on da front cova LOLOL!!!!!11@

me- no. don't you have something better to do like watch the o.c?

15 year old girl- OMG dats on!!11 lyk i fogot!LOL

me- *smack*
by squirrely wrath January 05, 2005
nice dollys love' woah look at her dollys
by gazoil September 06, 2009
A nickname to call a woman whom you don't know the name of. Usually used by grandmothers to be polite.
Thank you dolly, that's so nice of you.
by Brittany is the best September 13, 2005
1. n; a clone, one who follows everyone else. (As in Dolly the cloned sheep)

2. n; a poser.
Don't conform to be a Dolly.
by anonymous November 16, 2004
one who buys drugs from a bigger dealer to sell and make profit from
I bought a kilo from one of his dolly girls.
by chicccc March 10, 2008
An Australian mainstream magazine for teenage girls.
Me: Cool, the new Dolly is out.
by Lii August 13, 2005